Al Faris is a fully certified IB World School and follows the philosophy and teaching methodology of the IB Programme, which centers on inquiry-based learning whereby students actively guide the learning process through inquiry and discovery, reflect on their learning and translate knowledge into action. FIS has adopted the American Common Core State Standards CCSS


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OUR MISSION As a school committed to excellence, Al Faris International School strives to provide a balanced and challenging program based on measurable standards and rigorous assessment to enhance our students’ thinking and inquiry skills. Al Faris International School aims to foster an understanding, intercultural and highly effective learning environment that inspires students to become

American Diploma

American Diploma (Grades 11-12) Students entering Grades 11-12 at FIS have the option to choose the IB Diploma course or the American Diploma course.  The American Diploma is a rigorous high school curriculum designed to prepare students for the SAT Reasoning Test administered by the College Board and used as a standard of university admission

IB diploma

The IB Diploma Program (DP): Year 1-2 (Corresponding to Grades 11-12) IB DP Admissions The IB Diploma Program is designed for students aged 16-18 and is given during Grades 11-12 at FIS (as Y1-Y2 DP, respectively). Whereas all FIS students are automatically enrolled in both the PYP and MYP, the DP Program is an optional

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Model United Nations

Academic Year 2018-19 saw the launch of our Al Faris Model United Nations (MUN) for students in Grades 9-12.  MUN is a globally recognized extracurricular activity in many schools and universities where students assume the roles of countries and organizations represented in the United Nations in specific committees and debate about global issues. Our students